- Credit Union Data Connectors & Analytical Models

CFS Insight Data Connector & Modeling Products

Gain the building blocks to data-driven insights when you connect, analyze, and model your third-party data.

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Credit Union Data Connector and Modeling Products

Becoming a data-driven decision maker is easier with the right products.

CFS Insight provides Third-party Data Connectors, CU Analytics Platform, and Pre-built Analytic Models that are cutting edge and practical to implement. 

- CFS Data & Analytic Products

Products to connect your systems & model your results.

CFS Insight provides data connectors to the most critical systems, an analytics platform and pre-built Credit Union Industry-Specific Data Marts that are cutting edge and practical to implement.

Data and Analytical Model Product Categories

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Analytical Models

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Types of Data Analytics Products

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Data Connectors

CFS’s Data Connectors collect valued data from critical systems that surround the core system in a Credit Union and load a central repository and/or data warehouse. The connectors also transform that data into analytical data marts that can be utilized for both enterprise reporting, dashboards and advanced analytics. Learn more about how CFS’s Data Integration and Power BI connectors help credit unions.

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Analytical Models

CFS’s team of data scientists have developed numerous analytical models that enable your credit union to gain deep, actionable insight into such topics and member profitability, product effectiveness, loan loss predictions and variety of other strategic decision topics. CFS’s CU Analytics solutions for credit unions enables analysts within your organization to connect to the live data source and build your own analytical applications and dashboards from the ‘source of truth’. 

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Guided Analytic Consulting

Guided Analytic Consulting (GAC) is a service CFS offers credit unions when you need solve a specific data problem. Engaging CFS in guided analytic consultation typically happens after your initial data project, however, there are common business problems like: Elder Abuse, New Member Redirection, and Negative Share Risk Analysis, that CFS has been able to package as and offer as a unique product. 

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Customized Integration

While working for dozen’s of credit unions over the past decade, the CFS team has developed numerous custom integrations. In a few cases, that integration become a unique CFS Insight product. Notably, CFS has developed a custom integration for the cloud-banking service Visible Equity (now nCino) and custom integrations for popular CRMs. 

About CFS Data Connector and Analytical Model Products

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Work with the tech you already use

CFS partners with popular technology providers such as PSCU and MeridianLink to build credit union-specific data connections. Need custom integrations? CFS has the services and experience to work with nearly any data source.

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Only license what you need

While other data analytics solution providers may only offer a one-size-fits-all type solution, the unique CFS process only requires you to pay for the tools that you need to meet your goals.

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Decisive outputs for all decision makers

CFS Insight Analytical Models are the brains behind the data connectors. These products are built in-house by the CFS team based on their years of experience in the credit union industry. You will put your data-driven insights to quick use with numerous pre-built analytical models.

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Empower all areas business categories

CFS Insight provides products for all the main business categories for your credit union: Mortgage Lending, Consumer Lending, Finance/Accounting, Retail/Marketing, and e-Services/Digital Banking.

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