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To adapt to your busy schedule and where you are in your data-driven journey, CFS Insight provides two options to see data insight in action.

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The CFS Insight team will walk you through an overview of their products and process in pre-recorded videos.

What To Expect with the On-demand Demo:

  • Video #1: Data Connector 101 – a review of the common components of a data connector and their value.
  • Video #2: Analytic Model 101 – a review of CFS Analytic models and their value.
  • Estimated time to watch: 5 - 6 minutes each.
  • Follow up: Schedule an optional phone call or email us.

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CFS Insight Live demos are for everyone. It does not matter if this is you first data project or your tenth. CFS will meet you where you are and provide you with an educational and insightful meeting.

What To Expect with the Live Demo

  • First, schedule a quick call with the CFS team to answer a few questions that will help customize your demo.
  • After CFS organizes the content, they will walk through your customized demo and answer any questions you may have.
  • If you need a more general overview, the CFS team will walk you through common situations allowing you to engage with questions.
  • During the call, additional requests or questions often arise;, the CFS will gather the additional information and promptly follow up.

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