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The CFS Insight team is committed to helping your team better serve your community with data-driven decisions.

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Analytics for credit unions

When was the last time you had to make a significant gut decision?

What was at stake? How did you form your ultimate conclusion?

Historically, for community-based credit unions, decision-makers have relied on a combined experience with their community, scattered data points, and intuition.

Today, however, high-performing credit unions embrace the rapidly growing financial technology giving deep insight into their data. For more than a decade, CFS Insight has helped people like you navigate the opportunities for data-driven decision-making.

The CFS team is deeply rooted in credit union business/operation and data analytics, development, and integration. In a nutshell, CFS pairs standard and custom data connections and rapid development with prudent advice and responsive customer service for credit unions.

- Mission & Core Values

CFS Insight’s mission is to provide you with transparent technology solutions that empower your credit union to make data-driven decisions.

Why does CFS Insight provide transparent solutions for your business intelligence needs?

It’s simple. CFS believes that in order to achieve success in making data-driven decisions, your team needs to be empowered. CFS will work closely with your team, keeping the same goals. CFS will provide solutions, training, and support that your team will use and improve for years to come.

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Core Values

Transparency is rooted in the 4 CFS Insight core values:
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CFS Insight will do what they set out to do for you. This foundation of mutual trust and respect is in every relationship with clients, business partners, and CFS team members.

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Get Better

CFS Insight believes that as soon as you believe you are the best, you stop getting better. So our goal is ALWAYS to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today.
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Life Learner

CFS Insight’s team has spent more than 15 years developing skills and insider understanding as credit union data experts. And, they have not stopped developing, nor will they ever stop.

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CFS Insight knows that success can only be achieved together. Success for your project is the success of CFS and the success of each person that invests their time, money, and energy.

Read about the successes that other CFS clients have experienced. Or, check out the
CFS process that helps guide you to your next success.

CFS Insight Team

Dedicated To Helping You Make Better Decisions with Your Data

Jason Bedsworth

President & Founder

Jason is the founder of CFS Insight. Two things that Jason enjoys most about his role with CFS include the following: First is building road maps for CFS customers to accomplish their goals.

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Kirk Vukonich

Senior Product Architect

Kirk leads product development for CFS Insight. Kirk is a product architect and developer at CFS Insight, where he pursues his passion of developing scalable solutions to solve fundamental problems that customers face.

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Morgan Bates

Senior Data Scientist

Morgan leads the analytics practice for CFS. Morgan has experience in several industries including credit unions and Aerospace & Defense which gives him a broad view on a variety of problems.

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Nabil Akdouche

Product Architect

As Data integration developer, Nabil takes disparate data and tries to make one source for a report to tell a single story about the business. He delivers much needed data to CFS customers and seeing it being used makes his day.

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Terry martin, a strategic account manager at cfs insights.

Terry Martin

Strategic Account Manager

Terry’s 36+ years of sales and marketing experience in business to business and banking/financial services industries has uniquely positioned him well to guide customers on their journey to become data driven.

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Debbie Jeglum

Manager / Customer Support Services

Debbie has a passion for listening to and serving the unique needs of CFS customers. She particularly enjoys problem solving from high level business analysis to detailed software implementation.

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A profile photo of system support engineer daniel sullivan.

Daniel Sullivan

Software Engineer

Daniel primarily provides support and development work for customer issues and strives to maintain a high level of productivity for all of CFS software solutions.

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A profile photo of office & marketing coordinator kathy angle.

Kathy Angle

Office & Marketing Coordinator

Kathy’s role at CFS is multi-faceted and she enjoys helping to keep CFS moving forward behind the scenes. Kathy specializes in administrative technology and is responsible for Accounting, HR, Office Management, Communications, and subscription/maintenance renewals.

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TJ Sansone

Software Engineer

T.J. is deeply involved in the development of enhancements to existing CFS Data Connectors as well as entirely new CFS Insight product offerings.

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System Support Engineer

As a system support engineer, Natalie enjoys troubleshooting and debugging technical issues, providing support to CFS customers ensuring stakeholders understand the operational impact of their data.

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A profile photo of database engineer kevin schoonmaker.

Kevin Schoonmaker

Database Engineer

Kevin enjoys working with customers to install and configure CFS software on their systems. His work experience includes database application development and database administration.

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Daniel zamora - system support engineer

Daniel Zamora

System Support Engineer

As a system support engineer, Danny enjoys the challenge of solving new technical issues to ensure the reliable execution of CFS software in the variety of unique customer environments.

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CFS Insight Story:

Blazing a trail for credit union data-driven decision makers

In the early 2000s, Jason Bedsworth founded CFS Insight as a professional services firm focused on web-based software development.

Over time, CFS shifted into building business intelligence (BI) data warehouses and developing enterprise reporting systems for small to medium-sized businesses.

In 2009, one of the largest employee-based credit unions in the U.S. approached CFS. This credit union contracted CFS to build a data warehouse and BI system. The solution CFS provided gained other credit unions’ attention, which led to CFS forming a partnership with Jack Henry and Associates.

CFS has been trailblazing credit union data solutions and practices ever since. CFS now works with over 70 credit unions providing credit union-specific solutions that give people like you the power to make data-driven decisions.

- Data Solution Success Stories

What CFS Insight Clients Are Saying…

Case Studies

CFS Client Success Stories

CFS Products & Services

Building blocks of the CFS process

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CFS Products

CFS Insight provides 3rd Party Data Connectors, CU Analytics Platform, and Pre-built Analytic Models that are cutting edge and practical to implement.

These solutions extract raw data from your key technology and display and model helpful information. The ultimate goal is to empower your credit union to operate more efficiently and help develop deeper member relations.

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CFS Services

CFS Insight services provide you with a partner who guides you through data projects’ often complex nature. Second, CFS Insight has deep experience in credit union business, operations, data management, and analytics. These services allow you to be confident that your partner understands nuances specific to the industry.

But, most importantly, these services are just a part of the proven process that CFS has developed for more than a decade of working with high-performing credit unions.

- CFS Data & Analytic Products

The CFS Insight way to unlocking your credit union data

Data connectors and CFS analytical models are just tools. To succeed, your data initiative needs the right process to handle the preparation, detailed integration, and well planned training and support. The CFS process will help guide your project to successful implementation and adoption.

CFS Insight Process

Step 1

Discovery Call & Demo

Start with a quick discovery call followed by a customized demo. CFS will seek to answer specific questions and show how the CFS process will apply to your data needs.

Step 2

Review Agreement

Work with the CFS Insight team to define goals and project requirements. Develop a scope of work and review with any other key stakeholders and make adjustments.

Step 3

Onboard & Prerequisites

As your team works on required prerequisites defined in the agreement, CFS will onboard to your technology environment and begin preparing for implementation.

Step 4

Implement, Train, Support

CFS will Implement the data connectors and analytic models, provide your team with training, help push your new solution to production, and provide you with dedicated ongoing support and consultation

Predictive analytics in banking for credit unions - cfs insight

- How CFS Insight can guide you

Ready to make better data driven decisions?

CFS Inight’s process will guide you and your team into a better understanding of your data. Once your systems are connected, CFS will help you create productive ways to access, analyize, and model your data. So the question is — how can we help?
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You want to learn more about how you can get more out of your data?

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