FICS Data Connector

The FICS Data Connector allows your organization to integrate and leverage valueable mortgage origination and servicing data from one or more of the following FICS modules: Loan Producer, Mortgage Servicer and Commercial Servicer. This connector allows you automate monthly, quarterly and annual reporting processes that may currently be manual. In addition, this connector allows enables Banks/Credit Unions to more effectively manage the mortgage portfolio as well as find opportunities to cross sell other retail products and services to those who currently have a mortgage.

Common Use Cases

Common use cases include:

  • Automation of monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, metrics and dashboards.
  • Mortgage portfolio conentration and risk analysis.
  • Vintage analysis of portfolio evoluation and change
  • Cross sell of retail products into members with mortgages.
  • Proactive retention of members / mortgages that may consider re-financing with another financial institution.

Common Questions

The staging process which captures the data can be trigger/automated based upon the point in the mortgage close work-flow when books are closed and reporting is generated.

The connector supports both the FICS Adaptive Server based deployments as well as the Microsoft SQL Server based deployments?

No. This solution focuses on those use case the require integration of Mortgage data with other core system data, or loans from other origination / servicing systems.

Yes, if a Mortgage LOS data connector from CFS licensed, this connector supports integration/linkage of servicing data to the application and decision content from which the mortgage originated.

Technical Details

The notable implementation details include the following:

  • Product runs on the SQL Server 2014 or higher platform.
  • Data is ingested into the CFSConnectors database via a Linked Server connection to either to the FICS Adpative Server or Microsoft SQL Server database hosting the production FICS deployment
  • Product has two versions: Mortgage Servicing (ingests data from FICS’s Mortgage Servicer and optionally from Loan Producer) and Commercial Servicing (which ingest origination and servicing data from FICS’s Commercial Servicer).
  • Month end snaphsots can be coordinated with monthly mortgage close process within FICS to capture balances/state based upon each month end close. This is critical for automated reporting.

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