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CFS Member Fee Model

Credit Unions are looking at fees in a variety of ways and asking such questions as Are we consistent in our handling of fees in accordance with our policy? Should we follow other financial insitituctions in eliminating or reducing fees? If we do alter our fee policy, how will this impact our membership and bottom line? This model provides data driven answers these and other important fee-related questions.

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CFS Member Financial Education Analytics

Members need to establish good financial health and practices before they can pursue their financial dreams. CFS Insight has developed analytics that surface members who exhibit unhealthy or risky financial behavior. Credit Unions can take action on these insights by providing financial education to members as well as curbing the risk of future charge-offs.

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CFS New Member Redirect Analytics

Not all new members will appreciate all the credit union has to offer. CFS Member Redirect analytics identify those members who are most likely to be intersted in additional products and services soon after joining the credit union. These insights can be utilized influence member onboarding efforts.

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