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The variety of systems and lines of business that a credit union operates, coupled with the continuous change in regulatory requirements provide a challenging environment for Accounting departments to keep up with regulatory, board and ALCO related reporting, let alone allocate time to do project work designed to achieve the improvements from the Chief Financial Officer. The evolutionary nature of the credit union’s growth often results in manual processes that burden existing staff with overly complex, repetitive and error prone reporting processes that are implemented both monthly and quarterly. CFS Insight’s expertise in providing a clean, reconciled view of the general ledger and lending systems offers a data platform that enables automation, improve accuracy and auditing into the process for producing monthly performance and regulatory metrics. Furthermore, Accounting staff gains greater control and insight into the process of managing the information such that Finance can improve and increase frequency concentration analysis of the loan collateral, forecasting simulations and more. CECL compliance can also be streamlined and optimized allowing more time to prepare for examiner visits through CFS Insight’s CECL extract solution.

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CFS Analytics Data Connector

CFS Insight’s Analytics Data Connector is the foundation for its analytic models. The creation of an enterprise class member record along with the transformation, cleansing and classification of member financial transactions provides the basis for behavioral, policy and risk analytics. It also provides a look at the credit union’s competitive landscape that surfaces Insights into how to to build deeper relationships with members.

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Prologue Data Connector

Ingest and tranform financial data into your warehouse to allow for easier reconciliation of loans, shares with related member systems. Automate board and ALCO reporting by standardizing financial data needed for month compliance and performance metrics.

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Purchased Participation Loan Data Connector

Streamline and standardize the process to ingesting, consolidating and addressing the compliance and performance reporting tasks associated with purchasing loan pools as part of your loan portfolio. CFS’s solution has several pre-established maps to make the process easier for accounting and finance departments to not drown in spreadsheets when it comes to purchased participation loans.

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ncino Custom Integration

Streamline and automate your daily integration of loan information into the ncino (Visible Equity) platform. CFS Insight customer can ingest data from their various LOS and servicing systems and can keep ncino (Visible Equity) fed with the right data in an effortless manner.

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Acxiom Custom Integration

Streamline and automate your daily/monthly integration of member, share, loan and transactional data into Acxiom various analytic offerings. Spend your time making better decisions from insights provided vs. doing data management.

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CFS Member Revenue Model

CFS Insight’s Member Revenue model generates loan and share based revenue data at a member and product level over time to inform product promotions and member interactions.

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CFS Member Fee Model

Credit Unions are looking at fees in a variety of ways and asking such questions as Are we consistent in our handling of fees in accordance with our policy? Should we follow other financial insitituctions in eliminating or reducing fees? If we do alter our fee policy, how will this impact our membership and bottom line? This model provides data driven answers these and other important fee-related questions.

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